What Do I Think about Myself?
Check one column for each of the following statements:  Most of the Time
Sometimes Almost  Never 1. I keep trying.    2. I am important to family and friends.    3. I like what I do.    4. I get along well with others.    5. I help others to be their best.    6. I take responsibility for my actions.    7. I am important.    8. I know what I do best.    9. I believe in myself.    10. People listen to me.    11. I listen to others.    12. I use positive self-talk.    13. The future looks bright.    14. I plan for the future.    15. I am a good friend.    16. I accept compliments with a “thank you.”    17. I can give sincere compliments to others.    18. I enjoy getting up in the morning.    19. Other people care about me.    20. I do my best.    21. I am a unique person.    22. I express myself to others.    23. I deserve the best.    24. I can forgive myself.    25. I am an attractive person.
Give yourself: 3 points for every check in the Most of the Time column 2 points for every check in the Sometimes column 1 point for every check in the Almost Never column Scores: 60-75 Keep it up! 47-60 You’re on the right track toward positive self-esteem. 25-46 You might want to talk to someone you trust, about ways to improve your self-esteem. _________________ Adapted, by permission, from Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada. Beyond the Basics: A Sourcebook on Sexu al and Reproductive Health Education.


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