Ten artykul jest po angielsku i po hiszpansku.

Glowny sens sprowadza sie do tego, ze caly system odpornosciowy moze byc uaktywnioy przez alergie na jakis pokarm. I facet, ktorego bolaly nogi a jednoczesnie odkryto u niego alergie na ryz i wolowinie i kiedy przestal jesc oba te produkty to nogi przestaly go bolec.

Brioschi ML**,De Paula GLS*
Current data demonstrate that the entire immune system can be activated by food to
produce clinical symptoms.This area of clinical allergy and immunology – the
hypersensitivity reactions induced by food – requires further studies.In this report the
authors will present one patient diagnosed by thermography signature of fibromialgy
and delayed food allergy, using american academy of environmental medicine
metodology.The signs and symptoms of food allergy are frequently overlooked by both
patient and physician.Such signs and symptoms may have multiple possible causes.The
least likely of these causes is food allergy.The proper indentification of the offending
food can be very efective from the standpoint of cost and benefit, allowing the return of
the patient to full productivity and quality of life.The authors believe that thermography
could be a strong help to doctors who study inflammatory reaction from delayed food
allergy.Male patient (42 yars old) complaining of continuos pain in the legs was
extensively investigated without any diagnosis.After thermografy, the authors found
fibromialgy signature.Following the diagnosis hypothesis the authors* conducted test to
food delayed allergy by skin test that revealed food sensitivity to rice and beef.After
eliminating them from diet, the patient had complete remission of his legs pain and
observed reduction of relative size of his abdomen.The authors strongly recommend
further studies connecting the knowledge developed for the study of food delayed
allergy and check towards thermography and probable implication in nutritional manage
of fibromialgy.
1-Boyles jh jr. The diagnosis and treatment of food sensitivities.Americam academy of
environmetal medicine instructional course.May 2006 kansas city missoure usa.


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